A few non-fiction articles by Sean Kelly

This site features a few samples of the occasional creative non-fiction, travel and social issues writing (including a radio documentary) of Sean Kelly, a non-profit sector professional and dabbler of words & images based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sean has been published in Outpost, Verge, Saltscapes, New Internationalist, The Globe & Mail, Destinations and Natural Life. He was the editor of the Sustainable Times, a Canadian magazine on environment and global development issues, published by Cuso International. He also edited the book Possible Worlds: A Reader on International Development, and was a contributing writer to the books Women Worldwide (McGraw-Hill) and A World That Works (Bootstrap Press).

Sean was a co-winner of a National Magazine Award (for lifestyle writing in Outpost magazine’s Travel for Good issue), and was a Malahat Literary Award finalist in creative non-fiction for his story A Squid Ink Sky.


You can also view Sean’s online photo exhibit Southern Exposure — some photographs (and a story) from a fair to middling career in global development.