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This site features a few first-person creative non-fiction and travel stories from Sean Kelly, a non-profit sector professional and dabbler of words & images based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sean is strategic consultant in climate change, environment, and social equity. In his time in communications, he was published in Outpost, Verge, Saltscapes, New Internationalist, The Globe & Mail, Destinations and Natural Life. He was the editor of the Sustainable Times, a Canadian magazine on environment and global development issues, published by Cuso International.

He also edited the book Possible Worlds: A Reader on International Development, and was a contributing writer to the books Women Worldwide (McGraw-Hill) and A World That Works (Bootstrap Press).

Sean was a co-winner of a National Magazine Award (for lifestyle writing in Outpost magazine’s Travel for Good issue), and was a Malahat Literary Award finalist in creative non-fiction for his story A Squid Ink Sky.


You can also view Sean’s online photo exhibit Southern Exposure — some photographs (and a story) from a fair to middling career in global development. More of his photographs can be viewed at